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RED ī is the flyest wellness brand.




Innovative Products

Our products were made with you in mind for the different moments in your life. We are always thinking about what’s next while maintaining our values of intent, sustainability, and discretion. Keep an eye out for our drops. 


Inclusive Network

​There are a number of ways to connect with
RED ī. With our Flight Club community, there are large spaces like Discord, where we’ll shoot the shit or live stream events we attend. There's also smaller checkpoints like a monthly Cozy as f*ck playlist and FREE gifts!


Keep it Sturdy

We truly believe in our mission and only partner with those of similar values. Our priority physical locations are…

in Black and brown communities,

at storefronts that are minority-owned or operated,  where medical patients are prioritized, and/or where medical patients are prioritized.




ABCs & 123s

We offer various levels of drug, product, and industry education via quick facts, bite-size videos, discussion forums and live learning circles. We want you to be as informed about what you’re consuming as you are with where to cop at the best price.


Keep Your Ears to the Streets

We’ve experienced severe impact on our communities and it's time to heal financially, physically, and socially. It’s OUR turn to be on TOP. Taking back the industry requires us to be in the know of the latest happenings in politics and law making around our favorite subject: drugs.




Major Bag Alert

 If you love wellness and want to make a career out of it, we are here to help. We are by no means THE expert, but we are always growing our network to help you connect the dots.


Friendly Advocate

We will encourage you and support you on your wellness journey. We hope the RED ī experience allows you to tap into the best version of yourself one puff at a time 💨.

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