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RED ī is the flyest wellness brand.


We are more than just a rolling paper company.

RED ī is your personal wellness advocate.


You are a visionary, a natural born hustler, a finesser, an innovator. You may be a medical card holder,  or a veteran. Maybe you’re a social user or have a specific drug regimen, either way you’re just trying to take care of yourself.


We know. And we got you.


But why should you f*ck with us?


Like you, we are trying to get to the bag and have fun, but not at the expense of your pockets or your health. We have our own personal battles and struggle with prioritizing wellness, and we also love a good smoke sesh or an occasional trip to Wonderland with friends.


Whatever it is that you use, we just want to make sure that you know how and can do so safely. Everything was made with you in mind to overall make wellness Safe, Sexy & Secure.

Alright so, let’s check-in. We cool? You feeling us? If so, ...


Welcome to the RED ī Experience, let’s roll up!


To us, healing is more than just about becoming one with your mind, body and soul, it's also about supporting our communities, the ones hit the hardest by the ‘war on drugs’. Our values are rooted in our desire to help you live life YOUR way while becoming more aware, informed, and empowered to drive the boat … or fly the plane ;)


We will give you the first class experience that you deserve: high-quality, sustainable, discreet products and bite-size information to elevate your life, your wellness, and your communities. Through our brand, we hope to get back to the basics, reminding people that drugs are used for more than just getting high with our core pillars of COMMUNITY, EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT. 

We aren’t doctors, we aren’t life coaches. We are healing too and are down to go on this journey with you. Let’s help each other design our lives our way–the RED ī way. You ready to check-in?

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